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About Love Everywhere

In the fall of 2009, leaves were changing and Love Everywhere Founder, Ashley Reale, was wondering: “What if one tiny act of kindness could change a life?” So she started to share love with strangers through hidden notes of encouragement, leaving these notes behind everywhere she went. In 2014, Ashley launched a website, and, with the help of a team of ambassadors and an enthusiastic social media community, over 27,000 notes have now been distributed globally from here in the United States to as far away as the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal and beyond! 

Each note is hand-stamped and numbered for tracking. And each note contains a handwritten message, resurrecting an art form largely lost in today’s digital age. And the really amazing part? These notes have the potential to not only to travel the world as note finders “pay it forward”, but to let people know they are seen, heard, and loved. Can a tiny note do all of this?

Love Everywhere is proud to offer thoughtfully designed and socially responsible products that feature positive messaging. These items are designed with the hope that more people experience what happens when we choose to take part in the powerful work of affirmation. Every item sold comes with a free pack of our signature encouragement note cards. That means more of your messages of kindness out in the world, working their incredible magic.  

Love Everywhere is based in Nashville, Tennessee. There are currently over 50 ambassadors located across the US and internationally around the world.

Want in on the adventure? Email us at shareloveeverywhere@gmail.com. And thanks for being a part of our crazy experiment in love (everywhere).